Name and Gender Marker Changes

Name Changes

Families can file for a name change for their children in a stand-alone action or when adopting them in Florida courts, whether as part of a domestic adoption, adoption from foster care, stepparent or second parent adoption, finalization of an adoption authorized overseas, or as part of a recognition of a foreign adoption judgment. The process for changing a child’s name is relatively quick and simple. We can help you with the required petition, documentation and court hearing. This firm proudly supports the legal rights of all singles and couples, regardless of sexual orientation, to parent their children.

Gender Marker Changes

In additional to assisting a transgender, non-binary, or intersex person change their name, our office can assist you with changing the rest of your documentation to match your identity. There are many steps involved in making your paper record match who you are, including changing the gender marker on your birth certificate, your driver’s license, your social security record, your passport, and selective service registration. We can help you to put all the pieces together

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